Latest Lotterywest Lotto Results

Lotterywest established in 1932 (formally known as Lotteries Commission of Western Australia), runs the lottery in Western Australia.

It held its first lottery and made its first grants distribution in March 1933.
Lotterywest sells lottery tickets and "instant win" Scratch'n’Win tickets through a network of newsagents and other authorised retailers.

It sells national lottery games including Saturday Lotto, Super66, OZ Lotto, Powerball, Soccer Pools, Monday and Wednesday lotto; it also administers the locally run Cash 3 game.


Saturday Lotto Draw 3723

Saturday, 25 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers

232039163528 274

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Next Saturday Lotto Draw 3725 Jackpot: AU$4Million,  left

Powerball Draw 1088

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers

7403134517 18

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Next Powerball Draw 1089 Jackpot: AU$15Million,  left

Wednesday Lotto Draw 3645

Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers

61123223518 3727

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Next Wednesday Lotto Draw 3645 Jackpot: AU$1Million,  left

Oz Lotto Draw 1205

Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers

2725443361531 2619

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Next Oz Lotto Draw 1206 Jackpot: AU$15Million,  left

Monday Lotto Draw 3644

Monday, 20 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers

15233919146 4528

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Next Monday Lotto Draw 3646 Jackpot: AU$1Million,  left

Set for Life Draw 598

Sunday, 26 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers

2034261331101133 305

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Next Set for Life Draw 599 Jackpot: Set for Life,  left

Super 66 Draw 3723

Saturday, 25 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers


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Next Super 66 Draw 3725 Jackpot: AU$40,000,  left

The Pools Draw 1651

Saturday, 18 Mar 2017 AEST

Winning Numbers

1528265132 18

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Next The Pools Draw 1652 Jackpot: AU$210,000,  left